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  • March 28, 2016

Leipzig/Prague NetBeans Roadtrip

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager

Last week I spent some time in Leipzig, Germany, with developers at ProjektMotor, a really cool software development organization that is focused on creating tools for PhotoShop/HTML conversion, on top of the NetBeans IDE. The tool is called ctrl-space, while beneath it is a templating platform that can be used to extend NetBeans Platform applications via JavaScript.

The week included a small meetup in an Irish pub in Leipzig with two other local NetBeans enthusiasts, Benno Markiewicz (a NetBeans Dream Team member) and Chris Lenz (who is redesigning the NetBeans website), together with Jens Vorberg and Nico Krebs from ProjektMotor:

Then we started a road trip to Prague, for Nico to demonstrate his project to the NetBeans development team. The trip took about 3 hours and included a meal at a Thai restaurant and a farmer strike in the center of Leipzig:

When we arrived in Prague, Nico presented the ProjektMotor project, together with some questions he was struggling with, to Petr Pisl, the NetBeans engineer who leads the JavaScript tooling work for NetBeans:

Next, Nico presented the ProjektMotor project to the NetBeans engineers, in particular his work relating to the templating engine enabling NetBeans IDE to be extended via JavaScript. Below you see Nico doing his presentation to a group of NetBeans engineers that includes NetBeans founder Jaroslav Tulach, as well as several project leads, such as Antonin Nebuzelsky and Martin Balin, together with several other engineers, e.g., Jan Lahoda, Petr Hejl, Tomas Mysik, and Ralph Ruijs:

And Jaroslav Tulach introduced Nico, Benno, and Chris to DukeScript and Graals/Truffle, two of the projects he's been working on:

It was also a great time for Jirka Kovalsky, the NetBeans community manager who runs the NetCAT program, for enthusiastic NetBeans community members who help out on testing new NetBeans releases, because he and Benno and Chris met for the first time, after several years of 'knowing' each other via e-mail and so on:

And, of course, the day ended with... beer in a Czech pub!

We'll be doing more NetBeans roadtrips like this. I have a dream... of a bus of developers en route to Prague from places all over Europe and maybe the world!

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