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  • April 30, 2014

Leipzig Learns How to Extend NetBeans IDE

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager

Sometime ago a training course for the NetBeans Platform was held in Leipzig, Germany. Excellently organized by Benno Markiewicz (he reports on this event here), who won the NetBeans community award last year for the many patches he provided, as well as the many issue reports, and his work in the NetCAT project, the course was held at the company where he works, ECG Erdgas Consult GmbH

The group was from a variety of different places, including the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering at RWTH Aachen University (where some great work is being done with the NetBeans Platform) and the Frauenhofer Institute for Technology in Kaiserslautern.

As always, it was a great time, focused on modules, TopComponents, Nodes, Lookup, and all the other NetBeans APIs, with many exercises and hands on work, with the view from the front of the room on the group being more or less like this:

A full report on the training course can be found here:


I like this part of the report especially:

Zum Abschluss kann man sagen, dass sich der Kurs hinsichtlich Kenntnisse über NetBeans und dem Kennenlernen einer wunderschönen Stadt mehr als gelohnt hat. Wir möchten die Erfahrungen nicht mehr missen, denn auch unsere Gruppendynamik hat sich dadurch sehr verbessert.

Two plugins have already been created by participants on the course:

As always, the highlight of the days spent in Leipzig were the informal chats and hanging out with beers, sushi, and similar items, in interesting places.

Again, it was excellently organized by Benno, as I am sure everyone will agree, and here's a final pic, showing Benno, me, Reinhard (who joined the course from Luxemburg, to make stock trading software), and Toni:

After the course, HTWK Leipzig, which is the Leipzig University of Applied Science, hosted a NetBeans Platform session entitled "Lessons Learned in Software Development at Boeing, NASA, and Other Large Organizations", where the focus was on modularity and loose coupling and the other features provided out of the box by the NetBeans Platform. Many thanks to Prof. Karsten Weicker and, again, Benno for organizing this interesting session.

Are there other groups out there interested in learning about the NetBeans APIs that constitute NetBeans IDE and any other modular application that makes use of the NetBeans Platform?

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  • Constantin Drabo Wednesday, April 30, 2014

    Great !

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