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  • April 11, 2005

Learning about Build Targets in NetBeans IDE 4.1

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
I realized that having a single menu item for two different actions (deploying to JBoss and deploying to Tomcat 4) is a bit counter-intuitive. Each time I needed to change servers, I had to change properties so that the target would work for the appropriate server. So, I decided to create separate deployment targets. This meant that I also had to create separate targets for building the application -- if I want to deploy to JBoss, I want to build my application to a JBoss-specific directory and if I want to deploy to Tomcat 4, I want to build my application to a Tomcat-4 specific directory.
So, this is my build target for Tomcat 4:

 <target name="aaa_Build-To-Tomcat4" description="Build to Tomcat4">
<copy todir="${build.classes.dir.tomcat4}">
<fileset dir="${src.root}" excludes="${build.classes.excludes.tomcat4}"/>
<copy todir="${build.web.dir.tomcat4}">
<fileset dir="${web.root}" excludes="${build.web.excludes.tomcat4}" />

And my deploy target is still as follows:

  <target name="aaa_Deploy-To-Tomcat4" description="Deploy to Tomcat 4">
<nbbrowse url="http://localhost:${port.number.tomcat4}/${ant.project.name}"/>

And they use the following properties:

#The Tomcat 4 directory where everything is copied to:
build.dir.tomcat4=c:/Program Files/Apache Group/Tomcat 4.1/webapps/${ant.project.name}
#The Java classes, where they go, and what to exclude:
#The web files, where they go, and what to exclude:
#Port number:

The key to the whole puzzle was discovering that ant.project.name gets the project's name (which is set in project.xml). What is also pretty cool is that the IDE can generate a build script for you, which means that you can see how it is structured, so that you can create one yourself, even if you are a complete novice in Ant, like me...

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