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JShell Integration in NetBeans IDE

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager

I've blogged about the integration of the Java 9 JShell in NetBeans IDE before, here and here.

In the latest daily builds, assuming you're running the daily build on top of Java 9, you'll see the top part of the JShell looks the way you'd like it, i.e., there's a nice code fold and the first statement is numbered 1, rather than 9 as it was initially, as can can be seen in the previous blog entries.

Click to enlarge the below.  

The JShell can be opened from Tools | Open Java Platform Shell. 

Now the JShell integration looks really nice and polished and is ready for your REPL experiments. 

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  • Thierry Danard Friday, June 16, 2017
    JShell looks like a great addition.

    That would be nice if the methods that take a java.io.File (or a file path) could have auto completion.

    Here is an example of a Python terminal window that we did and that implements this concept:


    We did a system where we can annotate constructors and methods so they can provide their own auto-completion options, both class-based and instance based. Annotating the entire JDK would be quite a task.

    Another feature that would be nice is the ability to drag and drop nodes into a JShell window, show their properties and import them as variables.
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