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  • May 10, 2007

JavaOne Day Two

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
My blog entry on JavaOne Day One ended with me heading off to dinner with some music programmers. Well, that was an excellent experience. Go here for someone else who had a great time, Paul Lamere. The vibe was really cool and we wished we had taped our dinner conversation, because then we would have had the basis of a music-oriented Java podcast. We definitely covered a lot of ground and will keep in touch with each other. Afterwards, attended Shannon Hickey's BOF on Swing drag and drop. What a great speaker. Clear, direct, no waffling, was done in half an hour and really communicated the message.

Then today... another interesting sequence of events with a lot of variety:

  • 8.30. Speaker training with my co-speaker Dave Koelle. We did really well, I thought. And, which is the important thing, our speaker coach was impressed too. We both seem to wave our arms around needlessly, but I figure that's just enthusiasm.

  • 9.30. Olaf from the US Department of Agriculture, mentioned yesterday, demoed his application some more in beanbag land. (I yearn for the day that all desks and office chairs are destroyed, replaced simply by beanbags. With the paperless office potentially becoming a reality, I believe, what's the point of desks and office chairs?) Olaf's application is extremely advanced, it seems. One cool thing he's done is that he's taken the sections from the XML Multiview API and put them in his Multiview API implementation. Pretty cool, best of both worlds. But he's got problems dragging palette items into bean tree views. (Later I bump into Sandip who promises to send me some code to help with this situation, but says that even this code doesn't solve the problem completely.)

  • 11.30. My mini-talk at java.net. This was really fun. The java.net people are doing a great job with their mini-talks. I love the fact that they're half an hour long, since that's the approximate length of my own attention span. I wish all talks at JavaOne were half an hour long. Also the open space is encouraging, really nice and lowkey. Toni Epple sits in the front row when I start, one of two people in the audience, which grows to about 10 at its peak. A nice lady in a big white hat from the java.net staff is very supportive during my talk, laughing at my lame jokes and so on. I talk about the music application which supports Java programming for dummies, but also for advanced programmers, which is basically the sum total of my argument during the half hour. Really an enjoyable little experience there, also because I meet some of my IPG colleagues, and also Kyrill Grouchnikov, for the first time.

  • 12.15. I go to the book store and discover that our book is in 3rd place in the top 10. Hurray!

  • 13.30. Ben Galbraith's talk on improving Swing productivity. Amazingly, he's created a way for CSS to be used to set the style of Swing components. So he defines a JTextField property in CSS, assigns attributes such as length and color, which then apply to all JTextFields. Very cool. I like his delivery style a lot, very confident, direct, honest, always explaining concepts parenthetically, always very clear. Just a great talk from a genuine rock star. Interestingly, a sign language guy (in fact two, who take turns) sits up in front, signing to what must be a deaf programmer. Wow. Tried to figure out how Swing is expressed in sign language, but failed.

  • 14.30. Adam Myatt's book signing. I bought a book especially so he could sign it. I already have my own, thanks to Roman, in Prague. My first live encounter with Adam, after a very long period of e-mailing, culminating in an interview with him about his book writing experiences, in this blog (here). I tell him all the things I like about his book, such as the first person perspective throughout and the uniqueness of his adventures with NetBeans IDE as expressed throughout the book. It is really just a great book. Also cool how the NetBeans team only heard about it after it had been written! I also meet his publisher Steve Anglin from Apress. Adam and Steve are planning to bring out another book together, on 6.0, including a chapter on NetBeans plugins and rich-client applications on top of the NetBeans Platform. Very cool. Looking forward to that. (Adam, if you're reading this, I'm very happy to help in any way at all.)

  • 15.00. Bump into Michael Nascimento leader of the Brazilian JUG. We have an excellent conversation. I demo the music application and talk excitedly about JFugue API, during which time Dave Koelle from that API walks past, hears me, and is happy to see my spontaneous evangelism of his API. Later a press guy from the Brazilian organization comes round and films my conversation with Michael and demo of the application. He's planning to put it on YouTube. How cool would that be?

  • 16.00. Recording of a new edition of the JavaPosse, together with Roman Strobl and Gregg Sporar. We have a great time talking about 6.0 and our plans with NetBeans IDE for the future. I am really impressed by, especially, Joe Nuxoll's enthusiasm for NetBeans IDE. I did not know he was so positive about it. During the interview, I asked Tor about the potential for his Ruby support in the IDE to be reused by other languages. He was very hesitant about endorsing this approach, did not consider his work stable enough yet. But, to my mind, if that were to be possible, it would be great, saving time and trouble. In general, a great conversation with many highlights and I think the three of us from NetBeans supplemented each other really quite well.

  • 17.30. Met with Toni and Vadiraj, after some problems finding a spot to meet. For some reason, the Pavilion closed at 17.00. What's up with that?! And those 100 year old guys at the entrance are pretty tough dudes, running and shouting and pretty uptight individuals, but I'm sure they're doing a great job and I applaud them. Also bumped into Kirk Pepperdine and started understanding what he needs for visualization of some performance analysis code in the IDE. Would be cool to create a TopComponent for him, once he delivers me a JPanel. That's where we are right now. Then David Kaspar dropped by and he met Toni Epple for the first time. That was great. David created the Visual Library API and Toni used it for his Jasper Report Visual Designer.

  • 18.00. Went with Kirk and others to the Sun bloggers party at the Thirsty Bear. Had a great time, met lots of people, had great conversations and an excellent time. Notable encounters included John Clingan, John Domenichini, also non-Sun bloggers Tom Wheeler (NetBeans guru based in Missouri), Jan Lahoda (lead editor developer for the IDE), Geert Bevin (Java Champion and RIFE creator). Also met Dave Johnson, the guy who created the whole blogging application that blogs.sun.com runs on. Told him that he'd single handedly changed my life (for the better). Talked to John Domenichini about the internal IPG blog, and suggested we remove the comment functionality and begin posing a controversial statement of the week, to encourage people to create at least one blog entry a week in the internal IPG blog. Had a very long and excellent conversation with John Clingan about a variety of interesting things in the Sun world. Really had a great time hanging out with him.

    Met several other Sun bloggers whose names I forgot. Sun really is lucky with a crowd of ambassadors as cool as the Sun blogging community. Give people the room to be themselves and they'll take the opportunity to flourish. Proof was all around that room last night. Got a little bit drunk on disappointing American beer, but not overly so. (No headaches in the morning, though still jetlag, so now it is 5 a.m.) Only unfortunate part of the evening is that I didn't get back to the Moscone center, so missed all the remaining sessions, especially ones by Gregg Sporar and Graeme Rocher, which I had been meaning to go to. Really hope I'll get to meet Graeme somehow before the end of JavaOne.

So that was a great day. Today, it's Tim and Jarda's session at 9.35, then the book signing from 10.30 to 11.00, followed by my session with Dave Koelle on the JFugue API. Looking forward to it!

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  • Rich Unger Friday, May 11, 2007
    I wish I could be there, having fun with all you guys. However, traveling around the world is fun, too. At any rate, I'll see you and the other folks based in Prague when we reach the Czech republic, which ought to be in a few months.
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