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  • August 1, 2009

JavaCC Edit & Compile Support for NetBeans IDE

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
Great news if you're using JavaCC in NetBeans IDE... you're in luck, because Tomás Lázaro created JavaCC support and uploaded it to the Plugin Portal:


Here's "before"...

...and here's "after" (i.e., after I installed his plugin):

So now I can compile JavaCC from inside the IDE, plus I have syntax coloring. Tomás wants to add additional features, such as file templates. Especially for beginners using JavaCC in NetBeans IDE for the first time, that would be extremely useful, I think.

I believe this plugin is a great candidate for the NetDEV program. I.e., that would mean it would become a standard part of NetBeans IDE, for JavaCC users. Sure, that's a pretty small niche. Still, every member of that niche is working on creating new editors, some of which could be interesting for NetBeans IDE itself. And every new editor in NetBeans IDE is a MAJOR new feature. Plus, imagine if you were someone deciding whether to create your editor on Eclipse RCP or on the NetBeans Platform. Wouldn't the fact that NetBeans IDE has tooling for JavaCC, however rudimentary, factor into your decision?

And here's the tutorial about HOW to use JavaCC in NetBeans IDE, recently supplemented with a number of screenshots and corrective tweaks:


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Comments ( 3 )
  • Yasin Wednesday, December 9, 2009

    Help needed please...

    I make settings in ubuntu and works successfully with NetBeans. but when i add same plugin in WINDOWS to NetBeans, i couldn't complie it...there is not any problem with JAVACC, because i can use it with windows CMD.exe...i need this for Compiler design lesson mid-term project (derivation interpreter)...

    can you help me ?

  • Luciano Nery Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    After installing the plugin, if I want to define a new language I have to run every step of the tutorial again, or just need to create a new file ".jj"?

  • guest Wednesday, February 25, 2015

    I intend to compile jjt and jj file in Netbeans. Have installed the plugin '20277' as mentioned above. However, the same is not working. Two problems -

    1. on rightclicking *.jj file I get the 'Javacc compile' option but the output window is blank; also no generated files.

    2. How do I invoke jjtree command to compile *.jjt file?


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