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  • July 7, 2006

Java BluePrints Solutions Catalog: Pretty Fantastic

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
Working for Sun is pretty brilliant sometimes, even on a purely objective level. Case in point—I'm busy documenting some web service stuff for the IDE's built-in help system and I remember that the Java BluePrints Solutions Catalog (provided by the Java BluePrints Project) has some samples that relate to this area. So I think to myself: "Maybe I could mention these samples in one of the help topics I'm writing. Or maybe I could dedicate a whole help topic in the web service area to the samples that relate to web services." So I go to Help > Java BluePrints Solutions Catalog. And woooow. There are so many samples. On all the newest, coolest development areas. By all the experts in the field. Proof. Okay, what's hotter right now than, say, AJAX? Okay, not much, maybe only Java Persistence API. Now have a look at the loooong list of samples that the BluePrints team makes available (I needed to make 3 screenshots to capture them):

Do any of these samples come from the NetBeans team, here in Prague? No, they come all the way (well, seems a long way away when you're here in Prague) from Sun's Santa Clara campus (I know this, because I met the BluePrints team when I was there). What a cool contribution, really empowers the IDE as a learning tool. The cool thing is that one can have real confidence in these samples, because at the top of each you can see the name of the person behind them. For example, when one thinks "AJAX", one immediately thinks "Greg Murray" (or, if one doesn't, one should). So, have a look at this (just one of the many in the long lists above):

And notice something else—it isn't even a sample. (And it isn't on a "Hello World" level, even slightly, is it?) It's an article with recommendations. Doesn't that make the IDE an even more powerful medium for learning—the top thinker behind AJAX shares recommendations about this technology via an article that one can read in the very same tool that one can use to implement those very same recommendations. Pretty fantastic, I think.

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  • Kees Saturday, July 8, 2006
    Have you ever thought about integrating javadoc
    with the examples of www.javaalmanac.com
    The examples are very good and nicely arranged
    in the package structure. It would be nice if
    netbeans could integrate this.
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