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  • March 25, 2014

James Gosling Weighs In On NetBeans 8

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
James Gosling, founder of Java, has been a consistent and massive fan of NetBeans for, well, ever. (Here he is after 10 years of NetBeans and, last year, after 15 years of NetBeans.) And now, here's his thoughts on NetBeans 8.
NetBeans has always been the tool with the best support for the latest technologies. NetBeans 8 is no exception. I've been using the early access releases for months, and it's been lovely. There is a long list of great features, but the two that have made the biggest difference to me have been the support for lambda expressions and the support for embedded development. It's absolutely magical how the "Use Lambda Expression" refactoring makes my code so much clearer.

I've been giving "Internet of Things" talks for decades. I'm thrilled by the extent to which, for ordinary developers, this has been exploding beyond cell phones. NetBeans embedded support makes this development painless, fluid, and fast-paced. Being able to debug a running robot, at sea (or wherever your robot goes) from a thousand miles away, is truly life-altering.

NetBeans 8 is a landmark release.

Slightly mangled, you can find the above quote in the Oracle NetBeans 8 press release, too.

Included in the Java 8 Launch screencasts, released today, you'll find a cool one on NetBeans 8 as well.

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