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Interview with two Sun Guys in Madrid

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
Two guys, Antonio and Yago, just came up and chatted with me. I was talking to the guy I chatted to in my previous blog entry, and they worked out that I was the one that works on this blog, which is a blog they read regularly. So after some exclamations of surprise, we recorded everything we said, or as much as I could type while we were talking.

Me: So, what's your name and what do you do?

Antonio: Antonio Vieiro Varela. I am a Java consultant or a software architect or something like that. It depends on the part of Sun I am working on. I work for Sun in Madrid and Portugal.

Me: So tell me about your day to day activities.

Antonio: I've got a very easy duty. Help Sun customers succeed with Java technology. J2EE best practices, Swing best practices, software architecture, and Sun servers. I give trainings. We call those "mentoring". They are customer specific.

Me: And, next to you, who's that?

Yago: I am Yago Diaz. I do mostly the same as Antonio, but based in Barcelona, not in Madrid.

Antonio: Where is Roman? Why isn't he here? And why aren't you an evangelist? Because you are? Are you enjoying Spain? Have you had tapas already?

Me: Okay. let's get serious. Tell us about your experience with NetBeans.

Yago: I started using it when it was Forte.

Antonio: Me too.

Yago: Then, well, we tried to sell it to the customers, we had a hard time because they preferred Eclipse. And now, with the 5.0 version, they are starting to change their mind. The 5.5 version is going to be the definitive version, with the BPEL stuff. It will be very interesting for customers.

Me: No, Antonio don't take my picture on your cell phone!

Antonio: May I post this on my blog?

Me: Sure. But, first tell us what you like about NetBeans.

Antonio: This is a difficult question. I like everything. It is Swing based, cross platform support, fast, and the code that it generates is clean and cool.

Me: Have you done any plug-in development?

Yago: I tried once to build a plug-in, but I couldn't work out what to do. Maybe it was in the 3.6 version. In 5.0, I followed the tutorial on the Google Toolbar and I did it. It's cool, very nice, quite easy, now.

Me: Thanks Antonio and Yago. See you at NetBeans Day tomorrow!

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  • Roumen Wednesday, March 22, 2006
    The reason why I couldn't come to Spain was that I had an important training I signed for quite some time ago. I'll definitely come next time! I like Spain a lot ;)
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