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  • June 4, 2015

HTML5 Fun Pack for NetBeans IDE (Part 1)

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager

What better way to get familiar with the new HTML5 elements and attributes than to have them integrated into the Component Palette in NetBeans IDE?

Below, when you look in the palette on the right side of the screenshot, you see a new HTML5 category, which currently contains four new palette items, for audio, data list (code completion), required (validation), and video: 

When you double-click an item, or drag it into the HTML editor, new elements and attributes related to the palette item are added to the document. Above, you see what happens when "Data List" is clicked, i.e., everything from line 7 to line 15 in the screenshot above is generated from the Data List palette item.

More items are being added to the HTML5 palette (i.e., it is by no means complete, e.g., the new form controls need to be added), so watch this space. Or contribute to the project here:


To see how trivial it is to add new items to the HTML5 palette, click this link to see the "code" (not really code, simply annotations):


And to use the new HTML5 palette, install the plugin from here in the Plugin Portal:


Note: If you are focused on frontend development, i.e., with PHP and HTML5, make sure you downloaded and installed the "HTML5 & PHP" bundle of NetBeans IDE, which is small and light and comparable to Sublime, (and definitely not the "All" bundle, which is full of things you'll never need):


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