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  • November 8, 2009

Griffon 0.2 and NetBeans IDE 6.8 Beta

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
I downloaded and unzipped Griffon 0.2 today. Because I set GRIFFON_HOME and added its bin to PATH, I could immediately begin using it in NetBeans IDE (to which end I recompiled the NetBeans Griffon plugin so that it now works in 6.8 Beta).

I didn't need to configure anything in NetBeans IDE at all. And, as always, my favorite feature of Griffon support in NetBeans IDE continues to be the fact that I can use "Open Project" and then simply open any Griffon project (i.e., without any kind of import procedure at all, simply open your Griffon project, since the Griffon plugin understands that the presence of a "griffon-app" folder indicates it is dealing with a Griffon application):

You then have a logical view for working with your Griffon applications, as well as menu items on top of the standard Griffon commands:

Best of all, no NetBeans metadata of any kind is added to your application. So, when you close NetBeans IDE you will have the same files as before you opened the project in the IDE. Nothing new is added, no small XML files or property files have been added to your project, or (even worse) proprietary files of any shape or form, either.

Plus, there are many other useful features, such as a dialog for browsing & installing plugins into your application:

Updated plugin for Griffon in NetBeans IDE 6.8 Beta is in the usual place:


ZIPs containing binary distributions of this and previous releases are available here on Kenai.

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