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  • September 21, 2011

Gerrit Grunwald & Adobe FXG Transformations in Java

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager

Gerrit Grunwald has enhanced his FXG Converter enabling it to support FXG transformations.

The background of this is that if you take a box in
Adobe Illustrator and rotate it by 10 degrees, it will get a
transformation tag in the exported FXG file:

<Group d:userLabel="Rectangle">
                <Matrix a="0.7071067811865476"
                tx="82" ty="-170"/>
    <Rect x="105" y="137" width="220"
            height="78" alpha="1" blendMode="normal"
            radiusX="0" radiusY="0">
            <SolidColor color="#0000ff"/>

This transformation tag
will now be used by Gerrit's FXG Converter to create the same rotation for the generated shape:

That support has been integrated into the NetBeans FXG Converter. If you're using 1.3 of the plugin, i.e., a previous release, you'll see this when converting a FXG file with transformations:

So, go here, get the latest plugin (1.4, currently), which handles transformations as shown in the first screenshot. You'll also find a new JPanel template, as well as an HTML wrapper generated with the HTML 5 Canvas component.

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