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  • July 25, 2010

Extending IntelliJ IDEA for NetBeans Platform Development

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
My article Using IntelliJ IDEA for NetBeans Platform Development is still valid and provides a viable approach to creating NetBeans Platform applications in IntelliJ IDEA. However, this would obviously be a lot better:

The above, which is in the free community edition, implies a future where NetBeans Platform development will be a first-class development option in IntelliJ IDEA. I have the basic plugin set up, as you can see above. However, is there someone who can tell me how I should continue from here? I need to be able to (1) set things on the classpath, (2) create runtime configurations, and (3) generate folders and files when Finish is clicked above.

Another option would be to hook a project in IntelliJ IDEA into an Ant script such as the one created in the NetBeans Platform Ant Tutorial. For example, when "Run" is invoked on the project, the related target in the NetBeans Platform would be invoked, via the Ant script outlined in the tutorial.

Any advice from IntelliJ IDEA API users out there?

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