YouTube: How to Style an AngularJS App on the Device

I installed the Droid@Screen plugin into NetBeans IDE 8 so that you can see the Android device that I held in my hand while doing the demo below. The demo shows the usage of the Terminal window to create an Ionic Framework application (from "tabs", which is one of the cool templates that the framework provides), i.e., that means I can use AngularJS to create a Cordova application out of the box, with many mobile-oriented components available out of the box.

Then I deploy the app to the Chrome browser on Android, which means I can interact with it in NetBeans, e.g., for CSS styling and JavaScript debugging. In this demo, I show how the background color of the deployed app can be changed live from NetBeans. After that, once I'm happy with the styling, I deploy the app again, but this time as a Cordova app, i.e., a hybrid HTML5 application, which means the app is packaged as a native app and deployed directly to the device from NetBeans.

All of the above can be viewed here in about 4 minutes in this silent movie:

Direct link to the (silent) movie:


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