Who Found My Blog This Month?

Last month, in Lucky You: No Deleting of Projects in NetBeans IDE 4.1, I listed some of the queries that people who found my blog had typed into search engines. Here is another list of random queries, this time from the past few weeks:

  • jboss and reference
  • JBOSS IDE in NetBeans
  • netbeans jboss
  • how to use connection pooling in JBOSS
  • eclipse remote debugger misses breakpoints
  • maven webdoclet jbosswebxml
  • default tomcat password "netbeans 4.1"
  • change ide default password ide manager tomcat
  • orion netbeans
  • knowing jboss status
  • maven repository tld
  • how to make our context as the default one in Tomcat 5.5.7
  • netbeans 4.1 adding Tomcat Admin tool
  • tomcat4 server plugin for netbeans
  • JBoss plugin, netbeans
  • debugging in netbeans
  • howto jboss connection pooling
  • how to delete projects in netbeans
  • netbeans module development tutorial
  • taskdef class org.NetBeans.nbbuild.CreateModuleXML cannot be found
  • all jsp files syntax checking compilation
  • delete project in netbeans ide
  • JBOSS Connection Pooling
  • netbeans tomcat-users.xml
  • compile jsp file
  • what does localhost:8084 mean?

So, every now and again I've been checking my referers. Based on my occasional checks, I'd say that the following three things are the the most frequently searched-for issues in relation to NetBeans IDE: (a) how to delete projects, (b) how to set the Tomcat Manager's password, (c) how to work with JBoss from NetBeans.

And this month's award for the "Most Disappointed Searcher" is a tie. The prize is shared between the person who found my blog after typing "demi moore right click download" and someone else who (today!) stumbled across my blog after typing "demi moore work out". If they make themselves known by leaving a comment at the end of this blog entry, I'll send them a picture of Demi Moore.



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