Visual Web Page Layouts & Dilbert

I tried Winston's Visual Web Page Layouts plugin today, combining it with the Daily Dilbert web service. Winston's plugin is great, the sooner it becomes part of the IDE the better. You're able to choose the layout of your visual web page, with the typical headers, right sidebar, left sidebar, and so on, already defined for you. Plus, the tiny part of you that always wanted to learn Latin is also catered to, because the body of each web page is filled with Latin text! Two for the price of one, I'd say.

Adding the web service was a breeze, especially with Winston's help. The only part of this that I had to code myself was a single line of Java code, for the rest everything was generated:

I'm going to be using this little scenario in a demonstration next week. If you want to play with it, download this NBM, install it in 6.0 Beta 2, and then you will find a new category in your New Project wizard, with the name "Vienna". And in there is the sample.


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