Video: NetBeans Visual Library in Afrikaans!

Here's a video of Ernest Lötter from ISS International (world leader in microseismological services and software for monitoring of mines) in Stellenbosch, sharing some info about the the NetBeans Platform Visual Library.

However, you need to learn Afrikaans first to understand it! In fact, this is (unless I am mistaken) the first screencast about the NetBeans Platform that is in Afrikaans! (German and Dutch speakers would probably understand the screencast though.)

The whole screencast is less than 5 minutes, it won't take much of your time, so take a quick look:

In summary, Ernest describes an extension to a homework exercise done during the NetBeans Platform Certified Training in Stellenbosch. He drags and drops a Node from a BeanTreeView into a Visual Library Scene (which the students learned to do during the course), shows how to extend that to a multi-drop scenario, talks about creating rules for ConnectionWidgets, and shows the zoom functionality in action.

By the way, the students in the Johannesburg training decided that "koeksister" is the Afrikaans equivalent of the NetBeans "cookie", while the students here in Stellenbosch have suggested "die NetBoontjie Fundament" as the equivalent name for "the NetBeans Platform"!


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