Updated: VisualVM Blog Entries and Other Documentation

Today I did something that I've never done before—I updated some of my blog entries. There had been several (well, one or two, to be exact) requests for me to update my VisualVM series to use the latest VisualVM APIs, and now I have done so. In each case you'll find that the blog entry begins and ends with the assurance that, despite the date on the blog entry being sometime in the past, the code is completely current, at least to the specified date.

Also, where applicable, I've referenced the new set of samples and templates that are helpful in getting started as well as troubleshooting the scenarios described in the blog entries. In fact, each of the scenarios discussed is now checked in as a sample on visualvm.dev.java.net and available in binary form as part of the VisualVM Sample Collection.

So, here's the list of blog entries on VisualVM, all of them updated to the current APIs:

In addition, the VisualVM API Quick Start has been completely updated. Next, I will work on the FAQs at the end of that document. Some need to be updated and there are other questions to be added to that document.

In other news. In the process of some tweaking, I messed up the CSS of this blog so that the left sidebar doesn't work as it should, i.e., the width is too wide. If some CSS guru could volunteer to help me unravel my CSS and fix that, I would really appreciate it. I'd also like the whole sidebar to be on the right side of the blog.


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