Refactored NetBeans Platform Samples for 7.0

The two key samples for the NetBeans Platform, the Feed Reader application (by Rich Unger) and the Paint application (by Tim Boudreau) have been refactored and the updates are already available in the latest development builds.

In both cases, the new TopComponent annotations and Action annotations are used, meaning that the WSTCREF files, setting files, and related layer entries have been removed. In the case of the Feed Reader, the sample itself is now easier to understand since the very large RssNode class has been split out, with most inner classes now provided via separate class files, as you can see below:

And here's the Paint application with its new annotations in the editor:

The tutorials will be rewritten to align them with the above changes.


Completely off-thread, but just thought of sharing an observation:

Stacking all those annotations up above the class declaration looks so funny ! Wouldn't it be more neater to assign static constants ?

Posted by Donny on January 14, 2011 at 06:00 PM PST #

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