Update on the NetBeans Podcast!

Lloyd and I started doing recordings for the next NetBeans Podcast today. More will be done during the coming week (so there's still time to send your suggestions to nbpodcast AT netbeans DOT org), including, probably, an interview with one of the NetBeans Platform customers. We're aiming to release it on Monday, 8 September. One thing you'll hear is Jaroslav Tulach announcing the winner of the "Will Code HTML for Food" competition. And, of course, among many other things, there'll also be a NetBeans Podcast Puzzler. For now, meet Cormac Lawless from Ireland, holding his prize (a signed copy of "Rich Client Programming: Plugging into the NetBeans Platform") as the winner from two podcasts ago ("What does NetCAT stand for?"):

Cormac is the support manager with Ram Technologies Ltd, which is part of the Ram Group. He is responsible for hardware and software support for Duplication Systems in Ireland. He says: "I have recently undertaken a Java programming course so this book should help me as I progress through the course."

Well, if you're interested in developing large, complex Java desktop applications, you've certainly got hold of the right book, Cormac. The NetBeans Platform will give you a great starting point, guided by the book you won in the puzzler!


thank you

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