Update Center for NetBeans "Contrib" Module

Register this update center in the Plugin Manager:


My understanding is that that is the update center for the "contrib" module. Or, that the "contrib" module is included, together with other update centers. Either way, the "contrib" module is included. (That's the module containing community contributed modules, often in "alpha" state, so caveat emptor.) You can then... install modules called "DocBook Projects" and "Docbook XML". Then you have a new project type (as well as templates and other features, such as HTML generation for a DocBook project and a cool image insertion feature, via a related module that is automatically installed) for DocBook (as used when writing the "Rich Client Programming: Plugging into the NetBeans Platform" book).

Another one that I found that I like is called "Project Minder":

It didn't work for me when I installed it in NetBeans IDE 6.0. But when I installed in a development build, I could use the keystroke described above, which made the editor tabs flash for documents that belong to the same project as the current document. That can be quite handy.

And if you install a module called "Extra Update Centers", you'll find yourself with many update centers, all containing modules worth exploring:

In the list above, deadlock.netbeans.org is the update center that I referred to at the start of this blog entry, so if you just install "Extra Update Centers", you'll get this one too.


The update center you refer to is unofficial (not supported) but may be useful for getting versions of dev contrib modules quickly. It does not necessarily contain all modules in contrib.netbeans.org, nor is it limited to modules in contrib.netbeans.org. It simply publishes every module found in nbbuild/cluster.properties in the "experimental" cluster configuration, which includes all modules in the regular NB build, modules in the Stable update center, and modules in the Alpha update center (where a lot of contrib.netbeans.org modules are listed). New versions of modules appear on this update center after any successful build (currently scheduled 3x daily). Module developers can increment spec versions in CVS to ensure that users who already have the module will see an update available.

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