UNESCO, DJ Native Swing, and NetBeans RCP

UNESCO's work with the NetBeans RCP is well documented. I've been in touch with that project's manager, Jean-Claude Dauphin, for some time. He's been eagerly waiting for JWebPane (also because JDIC failed to work solidly for him, not at all for some operating systems).

So he was very happy with Josch's NetBeans RCP/DJ Native Swing Integration. He followed the instructions, extending the sample to cater for Windows 32-bit and sent me the screenshot below to prove his success:

I'm looking forward to hear from him whether this (definitely cumbersome, thanks SWT) approach will prove to be more complete than JDIC.


nice screenshots!i am not surprised that he was happy

Posted by Remi Online on October 20, 2010 at 01:04 AM PDT #

Great blog Geertjan!

how about these ideas:

I would like to get information other than what's currently available when I point at the project icons in the project pane.

so: why not make the contents scriptable?

that way, Netbeans can come with 'standard' content, but, allow users to customize them by way of Velocity or Freemarker, so that we can show other interesting info.

eg: which branch of code is it currently configured for? or, which target server will a 'deploy' push to?

for this sort of info, it would be great to be able to quickly point at the project icon to be able to see this info.

Also, you might have an overview pane that can show a list with columns to contain selectable details as an overview of how the various projects are configured which can be checked at a glance.

I frequently have 25 projects or more in netbeans at a time, and having to work through the dialog pages for each to see certain details is just not a good way to work. how 'bout it guys 'n' gals?

this sort of capability would make life soooo much nicer where multi-project configuration issues are concerned.

Posted by peter belbin on October 20, 2010 at 02:45 PM PDT #

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