Two Things You Never Knew You Could Do With The NetBeans Platform

Yesterday and today I successfully investigated two areas of the NetBeans Platform that I knew should be doable but had never got round to proving:

  • NetBeans Platform as a modular framework for scripting languages. The approach is described in detail here, but could be adapted to any other scripting language. That would mean, for example, that Python developers could have a modular framework (including a shared filesystem, as well as all the many other goodies that the NetBeans Platform provides) in the same way that Java developers have the NetBeans Platform already.

  • NetBeans Platform as a tool for extending GlassFish. As described here, it's fairly trivial to set up NetBeans IDE so that OSGi bundles are created instead of NetBeans modules. Then you could extend anything that's built atop OSGi, such as GlassFish, for example.

Pretty cool to see these two thought experiments actually working in real life. Both of them, especially the OSGi solution, should definitely be incorporated into the NetBeans Platform Certified Training.


where I can find a NetBeans RCP description as UML diagrams?

Posted by Igor Maznitsa on February 14, 2009 at 04:45 PM PST #

Hi Geertjan, (sorry for my English)could you please help me, i need to attach a pdf file using the send mail code it's this possible?, and how complex it's to generate a pdf file from a query.


Posted by Daniel Rodriguez on February 19, 2009 at 03:37 AM PST #

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