Two RCP Books Found At Last

Below is a pic of Allan Davis, the chair of the New Orleans Java users group (CajunJUG). CajunJUG meets every third Thursday of the month (so if you're from that part of the world and you're not going to these meetings, maybe you should start going this month) and are doing a series on JPA with the NetBeans Platform, which sounds pretty interesting. (Looking forward to seeing blogs about it!) Here you see Allan giving out two copies of "Rich Client Programming: Plugging into the NetBeans Platform" at the end of the meeting, to Sophie Hung and Paul Williams. (They won by the luck of the random number generator.)

And guess how Allan ended up with those books? He won the NetBeans Podcast Puzzler some months ago. We first thought the prize we sent him (one of the two books above) had got lost in the mail and so we sent him another one. So... he ended up with two prizes—and it seems like they found good homes!

By the way, Allan is one of the people working on nbPython and you can read an interview with him about that here on NetBeans Zone from some time ago.


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