TMINPQ: The Most Important NetBeans Platform Question

When beginning a new NetBeans Platform application... there is always one crucial question that you should ask yourself in the design/architecture phase of the project. I.e., before you put your hands on the keyboard, you should have TMINPQ answered. The entire direction of the application will depend completely on the answer to that single question.

What is that question? In under 15 minutes from now, that question will be very clear, if you watch this brand new YouTube movie:

And, if you liked part 1, you'll REALLY like part 2, especially if you also like visualizations of seismic data:

Related tutorial:


Thanks Geertjan. This helps me in all sorts of ways:

1. I see the general process for porting apps to NetBeans
2. I see an overview of NetBeans platform
3. I see my app come to life on a new and extensible platform. By adding other common file types in the field, I can have a seriously helpful application in short order.
4. As a self-taught Java programmer, it gives me a bit of faith that it's not "all too hard". After all, NetBeans contains a lot of APIs and it's easy to get lost.

I guess there are many people out there who are in the same boat with their JSR296 apps and have been hesitating to make the switch. Having a Youtube video to watch is incredibly helpful.

Re the app itself: as you have noted, the engine is designed to do the heavy lifting (loading, sorting, scanning for which data is present, switching between parts of the dataset). Almost everything else is purely for GUI handling or velocity pick handling. You showed how easy it is to modularise this and expose the libraries to the newer and better GUI handling code in NetBeans, and how to wire up the GUI to the exposed library.

Many thanks for this. I will be reinvigorating the code for months to come, with new file types and file handling. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the next video.


Glenn Reynolds

Posted by Glenn Reynolds on January 21, 2013 at 01:43 AM PST #

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