Tip for Really Really Lazy People: Search Google from NetBeans

So, let's say you're really really lazy. You're doing something in the Source Editor. For example, you're trying to work out how to write an Ant script that generates a server certificate for SSL support. You're not sure about all the arguments you need, so you'd like to Google around a bit. So what you'd do (remember, you're really really lazy) is this:
  1. Use your mouse to select the code you'd like to google:

  2. Choose File > Print to HTML from the main menu:

    I only found out about the above menu item quite recently. I'm sure there are quite a few interesting uses for it.

  3. Select everything in the dialog box:

  4. When you click OK, the selected code opens in a browser. Now make another selection within the code that you previously selected and then right-click anywhere:

  5. Notice the "Web Search for" item in the menu? That's pretty cool. So select that and Google opens (at least, it does for me, maybe a different Search Engine is chosen depending on something or other on your own system) and the selected code ends up in the Search area.

    Now all you've got to do is click Search and Google will find info on whatever the code was that you were having problems with...


Why not give the netbeans-projectized samples back to the wicket project so they can make them downloadable that way?

Posted by guest on July 09, 2005 at 04:43 PM PDT #

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