Three Tips for DukeScript Fanboys

Here's my advice for DukeScript fanboys, of which there are some, but mainly two: Jaroslav Tulach and Toni Epple.

  1. Stop talking about "DukeScript". Whenever you say "DukeScript", any sane person assumes you're talking about a language. You're not. And that's what's confusing. You're talking about a framework. The DukeScript Framework is equivalent to HTML5 minus JavaScript plus Java. That's it. And that's a powerful message.

  2. Stop playing games. Instead, create real applications. Create CRUD applications, for example. Here's my humble first beginning, showing data from the Sample database in GlassFish displayed in HTML via Java in the JavaFX WebView thanks to the DukeScript Framework:

    But, please, make several complete scenarios that run out of the box, including, and especially, CRUD apps. This is where Vaadin and PrimeFaces have succeeded so far, i.e., they have complete widget samples, component demos, etc, etc, etc. Focus on business scenarios, not funny games.

  3. Seriously, sit down and think about all that stuff that you're exposing. Vaadin somehow gets away with it, because they're based on a known entity, i.e., GWT, and the DukeScript Framework should be able to do so, too. There's just so much going on in the background, it's scary. Somehow, you need to at least explain absolutely everything. Either shit or get off the pot, i.e., describe fully what's going on in the implementation or accept that it's going to be adopted by a small subset of developers. Since all the ideas in the DukeScript Framework are so completely brand new and so much magic is done via annotations, you either explain it all, down to the smallest details, or run the risk that no one will adopt it because, since there are several more understandable competitors, you're running the risk that something simpler, e.g., Vaadin, is going to become the standard, whether de-facto or not.
My two cents. And I have never been (very) wrong.

He he... Yes, I thought it was Yet Another Scripting Language. Time to have a closer look.

Posted by Guy Daniel on April 17, 2014 at 05:06 PM PDT #

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