Three Cheers for Open Source!

Found this track backed in my blog today:

Great tips are provided in the article above for incorporating an open source approach:

  • Make the source available throughout the organisation
  • Extend the family of committers
  • Open up the documentation
  • Everyone submits bugs/features
  • Create mailing lists

Sometimes I wish more of the above were to be REALLY implemented within open source projects!

Read the whole article here: From Bizarre to Bazaar – Lessons Corporates Can Learn From Open Source

In related news. Reading the above, I must admit a certain sense of "Wow, I've spent the past 6 years evangelizing NetBeans?! What's wrong with me, there surely are better ways to spend your life, regardless of the brilliance/usefulness/whateverness of some piece of software which, however you look at it, is just some piece of software, surely." Well, true (good point, me). But I've been lucky enough to meet loads of people using that software [not so much the IDE, but the NetBeans Platform, as the basis of their work creating really practical tools, such as for air traffic controllers and marine biologists], which is what keeps it interesting for me [together with the coolness of the framework itself, with all its interesting corners and so on, which is a bit like a very cool puzzle or language or something like that]. (This, FWIW, is what I wonder when I hear of people quitting their job for some principled reason or other: "OK, sure, your pet thing isn't going to happen, but shouldn't you stick around to make the best of the situation for the people who have been using your pet thing... or were you never really involved with those people to begin with? Did you work on creating a community? If not, OK, forget you. :-) If yes, surely your users are more important than your principles?") And I've been given lots of freedom and leeway and so on to just do my thing, which is pretty amazing considering.


Thanks for the mention! It's awesome that the NetBeans community has such a strong advocate.

Posted by Michael Williams on September 16, 2010 at 06:05 PM PDT #

Congratulations on six years -- I'd definitely say that the last six years of my life have been more productive and enjoyable because of your hard work.

Posted by Tom Wheeler on September 17, 2010 at 01:48 AM PDT #

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