The Relevance of Wicket & Other Non-Standard Feature Plugins to NetBeans IDE

What's the point of spending time developing a plugin for NetBeans IDE to use Wicket? After all, everyone should be using JSF because JSF rocks and is the best thing out there and it is the official framework from the point of view of GlassFish and GlassFish is the main application server we should be supporting for the open source Java community, etc etc?

Well, if the above is what you're thinking, read these words by Jeff Schwartz, one of the big supporters of the NetBeans Wicket plugin, i.e., he's blogged about it several times and mentioned it very positively in various places:

Wicket development with NetBeans is incredible & I've managed to convert my coworkers to switch to NetBeans from Eclipse and not just for Wicket related projects but for most of our Java related projects and tasks as well. It didn't take much arm twisting either as my coworkers were easily able to do a side by side comparison of both IDEs and come to their own conclusions.

In other words, a plugin like Wicket is, despite Wicket's marginal place in the broader Oracle ecosystem, crucial to develop and extend for, without it, a broader range of developers will not be exposed to the many rich features that NetBeans IDE provides.

The plugin is open sourced here (binary here), anyone is more than welcome to contribute their own code to it, from code generators to templates to extensions of whatever kind you find relevant:

And, finally, thanks Jeff for your support and keep those comments coming!


I am a Chinese programmer, using netbeans rcp + hessian + ejb3.1 development of MIS system. I'm sorry, my English is not good.
I developed netbeans rcp program, the module reference javaLibrary project, through the property-Libraries-Wrapper Jars add JavaLibrary9 encoded jar file.
Each JavaLibrary9 compiled jar is modified, I re-Module module manually delete the reference to re-jar package, then reference. Again into a new package release \ modules \ ext \ JavaLibrary9.jar.

Is there any way to the preparation of the jar after the direct effect it?

Look forward to your reply, thank you.

Posted by guest on August 25, 2011 at 01:01 AM PDT #

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