Sources of ABNF Editor on NetBeans

Tom's thread on nbdiscuss is getting some good responses. By and large, I believe (and am backed up in some ways) at this point, most topics relating to creating NetBeans Platform applications have been covered in one or more ways (thought could always be better of course), though on the side of extending NetBeans IDE editors, especially the parsing/lexing, etc, the documentation could be a lot better.

That's partly because the parsing/lexing support has changed/been consolidated over the past years. Jean-Marc Borer from Skyguide in Switzerland has a great example of how to create an ANTLR-based editor, in this case, ABNF, in a NetBeans Platform application, as you can see below:

The source code is like this, as you can see, nicely structured:

And here's the source code itself:

I'm hoping to work with Jean-Marc in the near future to turn all of the above into a tutorial, while I also hope to work on this tutorial some more as well.


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