Scary Fast ANTLRWorks on NetBeans

Another great project showing a lot of progress is the port of ANTLRWorks (the ANTLR GUI development environment) to the NetBeans Platform.

See these links for current status:

In the latter link above, of the StringTemplate 4 editor, the thing to notice is its semantic-aware syntax highlighting.

Sam Harwell, who is driving a lot of this work, sent an e-mail out today where he says, among other things:

"The biggest thing to see in the grammar editor is code completion. What the screenshots don’t show is just how fast the code completion works – definitely already in the realm of 'scary fast' and I haven’t even started addressing the performance issues associated with one of its primary algorithms."

Here's another cool screenshot, from one of the links above:

And for some really impressive screenshots, take a look at the lexer debugging:

Overall, Sam sounds extremely positive and encouraged about the progress made so far. I'm really looking forward to some day in the future when downloading ANTLRWorks will mean downloading yet another NetBeans Platform application.


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