Russian Passport and Visa Generation on the NetBeans Platform

The next NetBeans Platform application to be aware of is ObjectsX. It is used to create Java applications, via the maintenance of catalogues that provide access and data presentation, report generation, and a design environment.

One use case of this application is the generation of passports and visa documents, as shown here for FSUE SRI (Federal State Unitary Enterprise Scientific Research Institute) Voskhod, in Russia:

Do you know of other NetBeans Platform applications? We're trying to identify as many as possible for the NetBeans Platform Showcase, so please let us know (via leaving a comment at the end of this blog entry, for example) about other applications that use the NetBeans Platform as a starting point.


I have doubts this application still exists. The screenshot is from 2006 and they are using NetBeans Platform 5.0.

Then again, from what I've heard, government contracts do take a lot to get approved and even more to be replaced so it might as well be running even today.

Posted by Emilian Bold on February 20, 2010 at 06:51 AM PST #

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