RichFaces for NetBeans IDE 6.1 (Part 3)

I did a short demo of RichFaces support during NetBeans Day yesterday. It went without a hitch, producing this result in the browser:

Note especially the "Zoom" slider at the bottom of the page, which works as you would expect, i.e., the map is zoomed as the slider position changes. Here's the editor, containing everything needed for the above, while also showing the palette with two new items, one for the map and one for the slider:

I made several small changes to the support modules, such as a new JSP template which contains the taglib declarations for RichFaces (as requested by Wouter in the blog comments recently). Finally, I requested a project called 'nbrichfacessupport' on, so watch this space about announcements around that and also for opportunities in that regard for getting involved!



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That is nice.

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