Results of the NetBeans Platform Student Quiz 2

The first NetBeans Platform Student Quiz was followed by... the second NetBeans Platform Student Quiz.

Below are the questions! The theme of this quiz was NetBeans API Javadoc. Simply be reading the Javadoc the whole quiz could be answered quite easily. See if you can answer them, before looking at the answers that follow. And note that all the suggested answers are REAL NetBeans API classes (i.e., I didn't make any of them up):

  1. I want to create hyperlinks in the Output window. Which NetBeans API class do I need?
    A: OutputListener
    B: HyperlinkProvider
    C: DialogDisplayer

  2. I want to enable my Explorer Views to be synchronized. Which NetBeans API class do I need?
    A: ExplorerManager
    B: Lookup
    C: AbstractNode

  3. I want something special to happen whenever a NetBeans project builds. Which NetBeans API class do I need?
    A: OutputListener
    B: AntLogger
    C: CompletionTask

  4. I want to store a user's Options window settings on disk. Which NetBeans API class do I need?
    A: NbPreferences
    B: System Options
    C: OptionProcessor

  5. I want to change the application's title bar. Which NetBeans API class do I need?
    A: StatusDisplayer
    B: WindowManager
    C: InstanceContent

  6. I want to persist my node across restarts of my application. Which NetBeans API class do I need?
    A: Node.Cookie
    B: Node.Property
    C: Node.Handle

  7. I want to include "Save" functionality in my application. Which NetBeans API class do I need?
    A: SaveCookie
    B: SaveAsTemplateAction
    C: SafeException

  8. I want to create a new window in my application. Which NetBeans API class do I need?
    A: WindowManager
    B: TopComponent
    C: OptionsDisplayer

  9. I want to process XML files. Which NetBeans API class do I need?
    A: XMLUtil
    B: XMLDataObject
    C: NbProcessDescriptor

  10. I want to display a node to the user. Which NetBeans API class do I need?
    A: TreeMaker
    B: BeanTreeView
    C: TabbedContainer

Of the received entries only one was 100% correct, who will receive a NetBeans Platform book of his choice:

Jaroslav Bien

Two students got 1 wrong each and so will receive a NetBeans t-shirt each:

  • Constantin Drabo
  • Fionn Ziegler


Answers: A, A, B, A, B, C, A, B, A, B

The quiz was a little bit tricky! For example, "HyperlinkProvider" has nothing to do with the Output window. That's the factory class used for creating hyperlinks in the editor. Instead, the "OutputListener" is the class providing hyperlinks in the Output window. Another tricky question was the one about storing settings on disk. Sure, you'd use "SystemOptions", if you were using a pretty old version of the NetBeans Platform. However, since NetBeans Platform 6.0, you need the "NbPreferences" class instead. It's easy to use and it extends the JDK's own Preferences class (only difference is that the preferences are stored in the user directory, which is pretty handy). Another question that was a bit contentious was question 9 (after all, "XMLDataObject" is also for processing XML files, so either that or "XMLUtil" could have been a correct answer).

Those on the NetBeans Platform Students alias (i.e., anyone who has taken the NetBeans Platform Certified Training has access to this alias), will receive the next quiz in the next few days.


Hi Geertjan,
juhuu, I have won :) Question 4 is really tricky... Especially if you consider this Link:
I'm really looking forward to receiving the shirt ;-)!
I think the quiz a good idea because it always refresh a little bit my NetBeans skills! Good job, thanks :) !!!

Posted by Fionn on March 03, 2009 at 07:16 PM PST #

:-) Thanks Fionn, great to hear! And congrats, t-shirt will be coming soon.

Posted by Geertjan on March 04, 2009 at 03:57 AM PST #

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