Protein Structure Analysis on the NetBeans Platform

Last week I answered a question asked by Vilém Šustr from the CAVER team. CAVER is a tool for the analysis and visualization of tunnels and channels in protein structures. And today he sent some pretty pictures, together with these words:

We chose the NetBeans Platform a few years ago and our software grew with it. The software is quite specific, so we us the platform in our own way sometimes. But it saves us a lot of work and we like it a lot! Recently we've done some finetuning to CAVER Analyst and it is going to be released within a few weeks.

Here are the pictures he sent, click the first two to enlarge them. 


These screenshots look awesome. Geertjan do you know what they are using to render the protein graphics? Clearly it has some 3D rendering going on but based on how they are using the Explorer views it seems like they can add and remove visual layers. Very impressive.

Posted by Sean Phillips on August 12, 2013 at 04:36 AM PDT #

Thank you! Since the interactive 3D visualization of protein structure is one of our key points of focus, we are using JOGL of course. So we simply add a glJPanel into the TopComponent.

Posted by guest on August 12, 2013 at 08:14 AM PDT #

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