Plug A JideTabbedPane into the NetBeans Platform

The JIDE Common Layer, which is an open source product, has some nicely configurable tabbed panes that can now, following the instructions introduced yesterday, be used in NetBeans Platform applications. Here are some examples:

And here's two examples of more generic NetBeans Platform applications using the JideTabbedPane:

Note that only the appearance is different. The behavior is unchanged, for example, when you right-click a tab, you get all the standard NetBeans Platform window system functionality, which functions exactly as before:

A great thing with the JideTabbedPane is that the shape and color of the tabs can be configured via simple calls, such as these:


Your JideTabbedPane can also implement JideTabbedPane.ColorProvider or JideTabbedPane.GradientColorProvider to provide colors for the tab.

If JavaFX were to have its own JTabbedPane, I guess that could be used in the NetBeans Platform too.

Here's the Paint Application with JideTabbedPanes:

Basically, depending on your needs, and the time you want to invest in figuring out how to make it all work exactly as you'd like, the tabs in your NetBeans Platform application can look precisely how you'd like them to look, from NetBeans Platform 7.2 onwards. At that stage, anyone will be able to create a plugin for NetBeans IDE, or any other application on NetBeans Platform 7.2, that will override the existing tabs with new tabs, such as those provided by JIDE.


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