Planning the NetBeans Platform Refcard

Overview of items/lists/tables for upcoming NetBeans Platform Refcard on DZone (in random/brainstorm order):
  • General Topics
    • What the base NetBeans Platform consists of
    • What each module is used for
    • What's new in the current release of NetBeans Platform
    • Getting Started in 5 Steps
    • Recently deprecated classes and idioms (here)
    • Old vs. new ways of doing things
    • Top 10 questions asked on the mailing list
    • "Gotchas", e.g., palette only shows for TopComponent in 'editor' mode, need to associate ExplorerUtils.Lookup with TopComponent to get the actions to work
    • E-mail addresses and URLs that everyone should know
    • Go through books and find lists
  • API-Related Topics
    • General API Topics
      • Main APIs
      • Top 10 lesser known but very useful APIs
      • List of minimum set of APIs that everyone should be familiar with
      • All annotations and their attributes
      • What API wizards are available and what they do
      • Utility classes and methods, such as ImageUtilities, NbDocument.findLineNumber, WeakListener, HtmlBrowser.URLDisplayer
    • Lookup API Topics
      • List the three kinds of Lookup
      • List the methods on Lookup
      • List what is in the lookup, by default, of NetBeans components (WindowManager, TopComponent, ExplorerManager, ExplorerView, Node, DataObject, FileObject)
    • FileSystem API Topics
      • Layer attributes of actions
      • Layer attributes of TopComponents
      • Tips for using layer.xml
      • File-level MIME type XML file
      • FreeMarker templating
      • Conversion table for File, FileObject, DataObject, Node
      • List of NetBeans Platform extension points
      • List of all DTDs and Schemas (e.g., for TopComponentGroup)
    • Explorer View API & Nodes API Topics
      • Properties of property sheets (here)
      • Properties for explorer views
      • List of explorer views
      • List of active/non-active explorer views
      • Children classes (ChildFactory, Children.Keys, Children.Array, Children.Index)
      • Node classes (Node, AbstractNode, DataNode)
      • Node-level default actions
    • Actions API Topics
      • List of actions (CallBackSystemAction, etc)
    • Window System API Topics
      • Window system client properties
      • List of default modes
      • Describe consequences of mode definitions, e.g., 'editor' vs. 'view' and 'joined' vs 'separated'
      • Property change events on the registry of the WindowManager
    • Dialogs API
      • List of Dialogs API dialogs & messages
      • List of Wizard API classes
      • List of notification-related APIs
    • Visual Library API
      • List of widgets in Visual Library
    • Project API
      • Project-level default actions
  • Using Main Features of the NetBeans Platform
    • List of reusable Swing components: Output window, Favorites window, Plugins manager, exporer views, Palette, Options window, and how to include them in your application.
    • Window system: Check the related checkbox in Project Properties
    • Modularity
    • Persistence: what can be persisted (TopComponent, Node, Document, Visual Library Scene) and how
    • Lifecycle management: from main method, to ModuleInstall, to LifecycleManager, to restarting
    • Long running tasks: RequestProcessor, asynchronous actions, and Progress API
    • Branding: icons, locales, labels, "branding" folder

Basically, the refcard should provide a centralized and, importantly, DEFINITIVE place where settings such as 'suppressCustomEditor' (for removing the "..." button on property sheets) can be located.

More? Leave a comment.


It will be useful to get information about:
1) Common server API
2) Progress API
3) Execution API
4) MultiView Windows

Maybe, some of these API's rarely used, but I think this information will be helpfully to developers, if they will work with this API. (For example, I couldn't find more information about API from items 1 and 3 in my list)

Posted by Alexander on September 06, 2009 at 06:21 PM PDT #

Are you sure that the link is correct? It points to MarkMail...

Posted by jmborer on September 06, 2009 at 06:45 PM PDT #

How about RTC vs. RPC?
UpdateCenter / Kits ?

Posted by Sven Reimers on September 07, 2009 at 08:26 AM PDT #

The warmup vs. ModuleInstall issue is worth mentioning (or, exclusively pointing to the former, perhaps).

Posted by Chas Emerick on September 08, 2009 at 02:05 AM PDT #


I would add a "Further info" section that links to useful places. I'd include there to the NB Community Documentation, to the Platform homepage & tutorials, to the mailing lists, to the API index, to the downloads (including sources) sections, to the books available...

When I started learning it took me a long time to find out where the info was. I think that having it all grouped in a refcard is handy and saves time.

It's a great idea to create a refcard for the Platform.


Posted by Antonio on September 08, 2009 at 05:46 AM PDT #

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