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Tim and I spent the last two days (yesterday and today) delivering the NetBeans Platform Certified Training to instructors from the JEDI project in Manila, at the University of the Philippines. JEDI is a collaborative courseware project that aims to make free Computer Science instructional materials based on Java. It started in 2005 and now has 180 member schools throughout the Philippines.

Here's a pic of the whole group at the end of the course:

And this is a pic of the lecture room where we did the presentations:

In the afternoons, we did exercises in the department's computer lab, shown below:

Thanks a lot to the very energetic Rom Feria and the rest of the class, we had a very good time and managed to communicate a lot about the platform. Since the majority of our students are trainers themselves, at least some of them will be delivering the course to others in the region, once the certification process has come to an end. We're looking forward to that—it will be very cool to have some of our students pass on the message of the NetBeans Platform, making use of the materials that we presented in the last two days. By that time, there should be work books with exercises and so on for students and the website will be used to exchange customized lesson plans, teaching tips, and so on.

The dedicated site for this particular course, which includes more photos, can be found here.

In other news. Tomorrow I fly back to Prague via Amsterdam. I predict that by that time Russia will have been pulverized (i.e., something like 4-0) by Holland in the upcoming quarter final match in Euro2008. On the other hand, in the unlikely event that Russia wins, I wouldn't be extremely upset, because I really like their coach (Guus Hiddink, from Holland) and it would be yet another feather in his very large cap.


Gee you get around! I'm curious, you go over Schiphol because it's in your home country or because you like the airport? I ask because I personally find Heathrow, Charles de Gaulle etc. chaotic and inferior to Schiphol. Kickoff in 1 hour. ;)

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