Parsing Javalobby (Part 2)

I completed the Javalobby Integrator, you can get it here:

You'll find the code name base is 'org.netbeans.modules.cairoairport'. That's because I started out by initially parsing the flight details page of Cairo airport, which is where I was at the time, waiting for a flight. Then I thought: "How often will I really need this info?" And so I switched to parsing Javalobby instead. But, since I started the plugin at Cairo airport, I'll leave the code name base unchanged. Just thought I'd mention it because it might seem strange otherwise.

After installation you can browse and double-click on article titles displayed in the IDE's Edit toolbar, all coming from Javalobby's front page:

Double-clicking causes the related article to open in your browser. Since approximately two or three, at most, new articles are added there per day, I didn't think it was worthwhile to work out how to notify the plugin to update the toolbar. After all, I guess one normally restarts the IDE at least two or three times per day, therefore whenever you restart you'll have the latest list of articles displayed, rendering explicit update functionality superfluous.

In other news. Check out this excellent tutorial by Damir Tesanovic, which covers many items, including the Visual Library and Schliemann, at the end of which you have an SQL Script visualizer.


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