No More Excuses: Document Your NetBeans Plug-ins!

So you've created a brilliant NetBeans plug-in and you've made it available to the world. You're sitting back hoping for praise and glory, but... nobody 'gets' it. Maybe your target audience is using only a small subset of all the wonderful features you've provided. Or maybe they've missed the point completely. Probably you need to have another look at your user interface -- is it intuitive enough? Something else you need to do is... write some documentation! It's really not very hard -- a handful of HTML files can make a whole lot of difference. But what do you do when your HTML files are ready? Wouldn't you like to integrate them into the NetBeans help system? Did you know that you can do that? Take a look at the documentation for my own brilliant NetBeans plug-in, for example:

If you'd like to create and integrate your own set of help files, you need to take a look at a first draft of a brand new NetBeans tutorial:

NetBeans Help System Plug-in Tutorial

Feedback is welcome... and needed!


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