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One place where NetBeans is massive is China. Every couple of weeks I see internal e-mails from China with reports about thousands of people having attended presentations or trainings in NetBeans. Today I heard that SDN China worked with partners to publish two new books on Java and NetBeans:
  • Mastering NetBeans -- Developing Desktop, Web, and Enterprise Applications
    Author: Ya Feng Wu, Xin Lei Wang
    Publisher: Posts & Telecom Press, China
    ISBN: 978-7-115-13837-8
    Pages: 587

    This book is a detailed tutorial on the NetBeans IDE, with a lot of examples on how to develop various kinds of applications with the IDE. The version used in this book is NetBeans 5.0, and the CD bundled with the book provides the NetBeans installation binaries.

    Part I of the book gives an overall introduction to the NetBeans IDE and various components. Part II of the book focuses on SWING/JFC development with NetBeans. Part III of the book focuses on web application development with NetBeans and Tomcat. Part IV of the book focuses on developing Java EE applications with NetBeans. Part V of the book focuses on Ant, JUnit, Profiler, and migrating from Eclipse to NetBeans.

  • Mastering Java ME -- Best Practice for Java ME Core Technologies
    Author: Jiang Fei Zhan
    Publisher: Publishing House of Electronics Industry, China
    ISBN: 978-7-121-03303-8
    Pages: 525

    This book is a detailed tutorial on Java ME technology, with a lot of examples on how to develop, debug and deploy various MIDlet functions with NetBeans IDE 5.0 and Mobility Pack 5.0. Based on JTWI 1.0, the book systematically introduces the MIDlet application model, GUI, RMS, networking, wireless, and mobile multimedia API's. Following the book, the reader can develop several highly attractive full-featured Java ME games.

Hurray for China! And take a look at the list of NetBeans books here.


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