NetBeans Plug-in Module vs. Ant Script: Head to Head

So, in a head to head contest between a NetBeans plug-in module and an Ant script, who would win? In the left corner we have... the result of a very simple Ant script, while in the right... there's a NetBeans plug-in module embedded in the IDE's Runtime window:

In terms of simplicity, there's nothing as simple as the Ant script. As I reported in a very recent blog entry, this is all that's needed to produce a long list of system properties via an Ant script:

<target name = "echoprops" description = "echoprops">
  <echoproperties destfile=""/>

However... the NetBeans plug-in module offers so much more. Most importantly, it allows you to... add, modify, and delete system properties from inside the IDE. But, is it simple? Can it be produced in one or two short lines of code? Well, no. But... the next release of the IDE will come with... wizards! And the magic of wizards will make the life of a plug-in module developer MUCH easier.

And so... the winner is... the NetBeans plug-in module! Go to Quick Start Guide for NetBeans Plug-in Modules to find out all about it...


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