NetBeans Platform at SkillsMatter, London

A second session on the NetBeans Platform was held at SkillsMatter last night (here's a report on the first). Below you see Jaroslav Tulach and Toni Epple in action:

During the "No Slides, Just Code" demo, they created a small Twitter Client application on the NetBeans Platform, illustrating many of the main NetBeans Platform concepts along the way.

It was great to meet several developers from the NetBeans Platform community, such as Edvin Syse (read about why he moved from Eclipse RCP to the NetBeans Platform here), Mark Phipps (read about his financial management console on the NetBeans Platform here), Zane Cahill (one of the translators of Heiko and Jurgen's books), Tim Dudgeon (get his organization's free/commercial Instant JChem here), Peter Harman (working on an amazing modeling IDE on the NetBeans Platform, more info about that soon), and Dionisis (lecturer at London colleges where NetBeans Platform trainings will be held, read more about that soon).

Here's a pic of part of the group:

Also, discussions have been held with SkillsMatter about organizing a NetBeans Platform course via SkillsMatter together with Eppleton, probably to be held around March next year. Interested in joining in? Based on discussions in the pub after the session yesterday, there's at least about 8 people who have already indicated they will be there. We'll probably try to limit the training to around 12 to 15 people, so drop me a line (or leave a comment here or write to toni dot epple at eppleton dot de).


Isn't time for you to revisit Sweden for a Netbeans training :-)

Posted by Nicklas Löf on October 16, 2010 at 03:47 AM PDT #

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