NetBeans IDE 7.4 Beta: Rich Browser Integration for Java EE and PHP

Whenever I demonstrated the brilliant NetBeans tools for synchronizing HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files with the browser, guess what the very first question was that I got each and every time? Here it is:

Yeah, very interesting, guy. But we're not coding HTML pages by hand anymore. Instead, our HTML files are generated from PHP or JSP or JSF. So, drop us a line when you've got bidirectional synchronization with the browser working for those kinds of files, OK?

Point taken and NetBeans IDE 7.4 Beta, released today, has catered to exactly the scenario described above. From the New & Noteworthy:

"You can now use all the HTML5 development features (collectively known as Project Easel) in Java Web applications (Ant or Maven based) and in PHP applications. For a more detailed description, see the Java EE and PHP sections of this document."

Hurray and I'll be sharing some great YouTube movies about the above scenarios soon!

An excellent article and authoritative on this topic:


Your link to that other article is not working.

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