Masters Thesis on NetBeans Platform: 1st Ruby Editor for NetBeans IDE!

Pawel Boguszewski (pictured, left), one of the many nice students on the recent NetBeans Platform Certified Training that took place in Warsaw for the Warszawa JUG, was... the first person to ever have written a Ruby editor for NetBeans IDE!

He wrote it on NetBeans Platform 5.0, for his Masters thesis, which he obviously passed with flying colors:

About the plugin and the APIs he used, Pawel writes:

I used mainly Editor and Project API. Most problems I had was with lexical and semantic analysis. I studied Java syntax highlighting in NetBeans sources and I found there couple of usefull hacks :).

I also created my own API -- RubyPluginAPI to be open for future extensions of my plugin. But it was in 2006 :)

After that time, now I'm starting writing Ocaml support for NB, and after the first look I know, that some of things (file support) I had to do manually now are automated. So NB is going to be more and more developer friendly :).

He sent me several screenshots of his source code, of which this is one:

One of the things that this story illustrates is the fact that many more things are happening with the NetBeans APIs than anyone thus far is able to suspect. Whenever we visit a new place to deliver the NetBeans Platform Certified Training we ALWAYS find at least 3 - 5 people (out of a class of 20 - 40 students) who either (1) have complete applications in production on top of the NetBeans Platform or (2) have created complete plugins for NetBeans IDE. (Which is a bit like being a teacher for a beginner-English class and finding that 20% of the students speak English better than you do.) That's really cool to see, each and every time. However, PLEASE don't be shy! Don't you want to advertize your wonderful application in the NetBeans Platform Showcase? It's really important, at least for the NetBeans Team, to know what is happening with the platform and where/how it is being used. At least it helps the NetBeans Team to plan the appropriate features for the next release of the NetBeans Platform. (There are MANY cool new things coming up in 6.7, I'm working on the "What's New" document right now, which will be a new version of this one for 6.5.)

Next stop for the NetBeans Platform Certified Training is the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, where Toni and I will be end of next week. Guess what some of the students have developed there, already? New refactorings for NetBeans IDE. (How did they find out how to create them? By reading the NetBeans sources. Developers are doing that all over the world, the NetBeans Team simply doesn't know that this is happening. [But how can it if people are doing so without saying so. And then, why should they say so in the first place. It is in the interest of some of them, but certainly not all, even most, of them.] That doesn't mean it isn't, does it? And empirical evidence proves it is.) I'm really looking forward to finding out what they are exactly. Aren't you? :-)


I know Pawel, I know Pawel :D
Pawel is my best friend ;)

Posted by wolf on April 09, 2009 at 07:09 AM PDT #

"Next stop for the NetBeans Platform Certified Training is the Hogeschool van Amsterdam"

\^_\^ you will back home Gj,
when will you come again to egypt.

Posted by Ahmed Gaber on April 11, 2009 at 06:16 AM PDT #

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