Log4j, Wicket, Tomcat, and NetBeans IDE

I'm getting acquainted with Wicket (which I blogged about here). In doing so, I encountered some problems and got a few responses from Wicket's mailing list. Someone suggested that I use Log4j to debug my issues, and so -- for the first time -- I used Log4j today. So here, as a reminder to myself and possibly of benefit to others, is what I did to use Log4j for debugging a Wicket application deployed over Tomcat from NetBeans IDE:

  1. Stop the running Tomcat instance. (In the IDE's Runtime window.)
  2. Download Commons Logging and copy the JAR to Tomcat's common/lib folder.
  3. Download Log4j and copy the JAR to Tomcat's common/lib folder.
  4. Create a log4j.properties file in Tomcat's common/classes folder. Make sure it contains the following line:


    The above line is only for the resource package. To enable debugging for all the Wicket packages, use this instead:


    This is my log4j.properties file. Make sure that you change the log4j.appender.R.File property to point to logs/tomcat.log file in Tomcat's base directory (which is inside the NetBeans IDE user directory).

  5. Deploy the Wicket application. (In the IDE's Projects window.)
  6. Go to the logs/tomcat.log file in Tomcat's base directory and, if errors have been picked up, note that there are lines such as the following:

    2005-07-02 20:41:25,140 [http-8084-Processor23] 
    DEBUG wicket.util.resource.locator.ResourceStreamLocator - 
    Attempting to locate resource 'wicket/examples/navomatic/Page1.html' 
    on path [folders = [\\], webapppaths: []]

Finally, I've found this document to be very helpful in setting up Log4j for Tomcat: Logging for Apache Tomcat and Velocity using Log4j


then you may be interested in this : http://flexo.cismet.de/gadgets/nbm4lm/ a nice netbeans plugins that shows log4j lgos in a filterable pane within netbeans. Unfortunately it seems to be based on lumbermill, which isn't quite a full featured as sawmill - it would be really, really nice to have a sawmill plugin as part of the netbeans standard install....

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