Keanu Reeves Is Also Right When Applied to the Future of Software

Keanu Reeves seems a lot more thoughtful than the characters he portrays, in Keanu Reeves Is Right About the Future of Cinema:

The debate isn’t about whether digital is better than celluloid. It’s about giving an artist the choice … about the individual’s style. It’s not pining for the past, nor championing a digital revolution. It’s arguing that it’s an exciting time for the industry.

In the same way, the debate in the software industry isn't about whether mobile is better or web is better or desktop is better. It's about giving choice to users and letting hybrid solutions become dominant, replacing single-platform solutions.

A great example of that is provided by Propylon, the award winning legislative software provider, which uses everything from the browser to the Java desktop to tablets and mobile solutions, as described here.

New technologies don't foretell the end of existing technologies. Instead, they enrich and enhance them, filling them out with new potential and drawing solutions closer to new audiences.


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