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Probably few people know what Tim Boudreau looks like, fewer still Jesse Glick. It took a NetBeans Platform Certified Training by VisiTrend (with and at Brandeis University in Boston) to make these photos possible. Since both Jesse and Tim live in the wider Boston area (Tim in the very wider area), they both came along to the recent NetBeans Platform training held there. Attendees ranged from developers at neuroscience-related companies to financial organizations.

After 3 days of standard NetBeans Platform topics, Jesse dropped by to talk about Maven, in general, and its usage in NetBeans Platform development via tools in NetBeans IDE:

A video of Jesse's Maven/NetBeans Platform application should be released soon, which will be extremely useful to developers using these two technologies together!

On the next day, i.e., Friday, Tim tunneled his way through the snow to talk about Imagine, his image-related NetBeans Platform framework (open sourced and very useful as the basis of any image-processing application):

Imagine is not only interesting if you want to create an image-processing application, but also as an example of an application architecture that supports pluggable tools:

Download the app sources here:

Tim's cover slide was quite impressive:

Finally, this is what they look like while eating sushi (i.e., after the days of training were over):

Looking forward to seeing them both again soon on NetBeans Platform training events!

My time in Boston has been great, saw a performance by Toots Thielemans, then Brian Regan, and finally spent most of today at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston. Looking forward to the follow-up event, which is planned to be held 6 months from now.


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