Javeleon 2.0 Beta 3: Try It Today!

The NetBeans/Jmol project (which I've blogged about a few times already this week) has already proven its value! I was using Javeleon with it, discovered several problems, and reported them to Allan and the Javeleon guys. They downloaded the NetBeans/Jmol project and reproduced the bugs I had encountered.

Install Javeleon today, working for NetBeans IDE 7.1 and JDK 7:


Make sure you see this in your Plugin Manager, i.e., the plugin must be at version 2.0 Beta 3:

The bugs identified via the NetBeans/Jmol project have been incorporated into the above version of the plugin. For example, I can now change the annotation of a "position" attribute for a menu item for opening a TopComponent, i.e., this is an annotation in the TopComponent, reload the module, and then see the repositioned menu item. Another thing that the plugin is useful for is when you quickly want to prune some items from a layer file and want to immediately see the changes without going through the boring process of starting up your application all over again.

If you're a NetBeans Platform developer, whether on Ant or Maven, please try this plugin now, especially if you've tried it before, just to experience the improvements and report on other bugs you might encounter.


Awesome! I think at the end of porting JMol you should turn your experiences in a new tutorial, would be great to learn from.

Really keen on trying out the new version of Javeleon now. Looks great.
Perhaps a better download link is:
The other links returns a blank page for me :)

Posted by Joris Snellenburg on January 13, 2012 at 11:34 PM PST #

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