Java Developer Conference in Cairo, Egypt

#JDC2012 (, the biggest and most important meeting place for software developers in Middle East and Africa, here in Cairo is turning out to be a cool place to try out my Arabic. Part of the presentations are in English, so I've attended a keynote by Oracle's Mike Keith and Vaadin's Joonas so far, pity I missed Kees Jan Koster's & Mark Clarke's sessions yesterday, because I flew into Cairo very late last night; unfortunately also missed Lukáš Fryč talks... too many cool things happening simultaneously. Many kudos to Ahmed Ali and Ahmed Hashim, and all the other organizers, for putting together this great conference, in a great location.

Below is a pic of the crowd at my presentation "Live Demo: Java EE 6 Productivity with Tools!" I went through JPA, Bean Validation, Servlet 3.0, JSF 2.0, and JAX-RS via a simple demo application in NetBeans IDE that fits the different specifications together into a single context.  "And you didn't redeploy your application even once!" someone exclaimed to me afterwards.

The responses at the end were positive and I met several enthusiastic developers after the session, including some I met previous times I was here.

Next time I want to do more of my presentation in Arabic! 


i was sorry to miss your session, as i came late. i heared that it was an interesting session

Posted by ahmed abbas on March 10, 2012 at 01:01 PM PST #

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